Balan Pshaw Switches Venues….Again

13 Oct

I recently purchased a copy of Might & Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven, and have been reacquainting myself with this excellent, excellent game. Here is a recording I did, using the characters Balan, Imoen, Branwen, and Kagain:

Fixing the “stuck key” problem with Icewind Dale

15 Jun

So, there is a problem that arises from time to time when playing Icewind Dale or the Baldur’s Gate game: the keys get stuck, and the player is unable to type in character names.  This also seems to affect the screens while playing the game; when the inventory, spell, and other screens are selected, they briefly flash, then the screen is returned to the main play screen.

To remedy the problem, create a new character (importing a character is the quickest) and get to the “Name selection” section.  There will be a string of letters and/or numbers (I have seen on some message boards that it was the number 9 that was endlessly repeated).  Hold down the Backspace Key and the Left Arrow Key.  The cursor will move all the way to the left.  Hit the Delete Key, and a single letter will be erased (leaving the rest of the string of letters).  Release the Delete Key, and a letter will appear in the front of the screen.  Hit the Delete Key again, and the letter will be erased.  Type that letter and release the Delete Key.  Either the same letter, or a new letter will appear.  Keep pressing Delete, then the letter that appears.  Eventually, all the letters will be erased.  Continue pressing and releasing both the Delete Key and the letter that appears, and eventually the cursor will remain in place, and the player will be able to type the preferred name for the character.  This also fixes the “screen blink” problem.

You’re welcome.

Baldur’s Gate Portraits

14 Mar

These are pretty cool, too.

A little honest cheating.

16 Dec

So Balan & Co. venture out beyond the town limits, and encounter four wolves.  Balan quickly develops a strategy: Imoen sneaks up to the wolves and positions herself in such a way that only one of the critters can see her, then she shoots it with her bow.  It chases her back to the others.  Balan throws a chromatic orb at the creature, which blinds it, and the party finishes it off.  Then Imoen sneaks up to the next wolf, and the company takes it down in the same way.  Once the four wolves are taken out, Imoen sneaks to the next area, and spies an orc standing just outside a cave, by a wagon.  This time Branwen throws the spell “Hold Person”, which freezes the orc, and they try to take him down, as well, but he unfreezes and escapes into the cave.  So much for sneaking up on whoever is in there.

Now comes the famous “15 minute workday” part of the story.  The company enters the cave, Branwen throws down “Hold Person”, the company wails on whichever orc is stunned until either it dies, or it unfreezes and attacks, at which point they retreat back outside.  The orcs do not follow them, which is fortunate, for then the company can rest up, prepare spells, and go back into the cave.  It’s tedious, but effective.  Pretty soon, Branwen gets to a high enough experience level to start casting “summon skeletons”, or whatever it is.  Now, the company has instant tanks that can take the front line, while the company peppers the enemy from the back.  Still, there are enough orcs in this cave to require the “15 minute workday” plan to remain in place.  After Balan gets to level 5, however, they change strategy a little.  Instead of going outside to rest, sometimes they rest inside the cave, if Balan and Branwen still have spells available, because there are occasional random encounter orcs that pop up while they are resting.  More XP, FTW!!!

I’m doing the “quicksave”, “rest”, “reload” if there are no random encounters when they rest, because it’s in the company’s interest to be as high a level as possible before they leave Easthaven.  The fight through the goblin valley that’s coming up is brutal, brutal, brutal.  They don’t have to know that, though.

Adventures in Easthaven

2 Dec
Talking to Erevain

I love that conversation option.

After getting a good night’s sleep in the inn, Pshaw & Co. happen upon a little boy who needs help.  Goblins have stolen his fish, and he wants it back.  He’s willing to pay 100 gold for its return.  Ha! Just kidding; he won’t actually give the Company anything more than his thanks when it’s all said and done.  Now, normally, Balan would have the entire company charge in; it’s only goblins, right?  But our wise wizard remembers the difficulty with which they dispatched those bugs, and he sends Imoen in to investigate.  There are, indeed, several goblins, so she sneaks up on one of them, taps it on the shoulder, and lures it away from the others.  Once it is all alone, WHAM!  The rest of the team attacks!  Branwen casts “Hold” on it, causing it to freeze, and then everyone shoots it to death.  Balan, having relearned Chromatic Sphere, uses that for the two times he is allowed that day.  Once the goblin is dead, they head back to the inn to reload the magic spells.  15 min day FTW!!  Eventually, they manage to do this to each goblin in turn.

Getting back the fishbone

Goblin Captain: “Where’s Mort?”
Goblin #1: “He wandered off, just like the others.”
Goblin Captain: “That’s weird; they never came back, and its been, like four days.”
Goblin #2: “I’m sure everything is fine.”
Balan: “I swear, goblins is so dumb!”

After getting the boy his fish back (or what was left of it), the team heads over to the other side of town, where they help some guy out with a wolf infestation.

Branwen: "It's like...some horrible nightmare!"Imoen: "At least you're not in your socks, and the floor made of linoleum."

Branwen: “It’s like…some horrible nightmare!”
Imoen: “At least you’re not in your socks, and the floor made of linoleum.”

At the end of this quest, each team member is at level 4, with the exception of Imoen, who is at level 5.  Next episode, Pshaw & Co. head out into the wilderness!

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition is here

29 Nov

Go here.


Apparently, it’s got some issues.

Here’s your bill, and don’t forget we do termite inspections, too

24 Nov

So, after upgrading their weapons a bit, Pshaw & Co. descend into the basement to begin the Battle of the Basement Bugs.  TWO. HOURS. LATER, they ascend again, covered in bug guts and rubbing their sore arms.  The barkeep is so grateful that she gives them FIVE WHOLE GOLD PIECES.  Yeah, right lady.  5 gp for 2 hours’ work?

Oh, well; at least they’re all at least 2nd level now.  Branwen knows some new prayers, Balan can cast “Chrono Sphere” (or whatever it’s called) TWICE per day, now.  Imoen is a lot more stealthy, and Kagain upped his skill with the crossbow.  After resting in the inn, they plan to head out of town to explore the area.


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